Istria is beautiful in all its seasons in its own way, but we must admit that it gets its special touch when spring arrives. With the arrival of spring, Istria is waking up in full energy.

People in Istria are very attached to their region and keep their customs. This year has struck us all and as we have all stayed in our homes to protect ourselves and others around us, many of us remember fondly the various activities that were part of our usual spring day. Our countryside is truly special because one is relaxed here and there is much to see in these parts. Some of you love nature and will normally spend this wonderful time walking the various paths, biking, climbing or just enjoying the budding and invigoration of plants from a winter sleep. Other may sip coffee on the terrace of their home or at a nearby cafe and enjoy the company of friends or relatives. If we think about how fortunate we are, we can see what cultural and natural heritage we are truly enriched with. Our wine roads, gravel roads and green fields are ideal for a variety of activities.

 All over Istria, wild asparagus and bljušt are harvested in the spring. (“Bljušt” is an asparagus-like plant with less bitter taste). Use the gifts of spring in a special way. Most often we add some homemade sausages or some ombolo (Istrian pure pork chop meat delicacy) to scrambled eggs and a delicious breakfast is set on the table.

 Spring is at our door and then a variety of delicacies will be prepared in our homes. From cakes we will prepare candies, various tweezers, croutons and fritters. There will be more delicacies that adorn our region. But let us return to our spring and various activities. One of the most popular ones is certainly cycling. From professional to amateur, everyone is happy to come and explore our beautiful cycling routes. You are surrounded by breathtaking scenery; vineyards as the sun rays play on the surface of Lake Butoniga. Can you imagine a more beautiful scenario?

This slow spring has set us in motion to become more engaged and our guests to be able to participate with us in planning their travels. Therefore, we will start posting our blog where we hope you find a safe place to relax and read something interesting. We hope that these days, which have temporarily closed us into our homes, will spark an idea in you.

We would love to hear from you via e-mail: info@toursistria.com where you can send some suggestions about our further topics. Maybe precisely you will be the inspiration for our next blog.

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