Parenzana bike tour

Parenzana was a narrow gauge railway from 1902 that connected Poreč and Trieste. At that time it was a big "boom" because local people had the opportunity to sell their wine, olive oil, milk, eggs to rich families in Trieste.

In 1935, the rails were removed and boarded, but the ship sadly sunk somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea and that put an end to the Parenzana story. On a route that was 123.1 km long, there is a cycling trail today. Where these rails should have ended and what secret stories this trail hides you will hear from your bike guide while driving through the most picturesque part of that path from Grožnjan to Livade. It is a trail that leads you through the woods, fields, tunnels that belonged to the former railway line, over the original bridges and through a landscape that will leave you speechless.

It is a macadam road, very easy, suitable for families with children. It takes about 3 hours to get from Grožnjan to Livade where it is possible to arrange lunch or dinner at a nearby restaurant.


Parenzana bike tour
Parenzana bike tour
Parenzana bike tour
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