Welcome to our largest city in Istria, famous for the best preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy.

Start by visiting one of the most famous sights in Croatia- the Pula amphitheatre or as we call it Arena. With history that goes back at least 40 000 years BC there is yet much to unravel, but begin with the Twin Gates, Hercules Gate and the Golden Gate or the Sergii Gate (called the Golden for their importance). Don't miss the Dirka roman mosaic, the Augustus temple and the Pula fortress. Find out whether Mussolini really got slapped in the Pula theatre when he came to present his fascism ideas. All that he later wrote in his diary was that Pula wasn't thrilled with the new ideas of fascism.

Enjoy beautiful view from the Pula fortress and hear about islands that surround Pula. The most famous ones would definitely be the Brijuni islands or Tito's islands. We recommend a whole day trip.

The Pula Amphitheatre is 6th greatest in the world and every year is a host to numerous concerts, shows and events. Beside clean beaches and crystal clear blue sea enjoy famous names and spectacles.

In entire Istria county you can enjoy homemade high quality products like olive oil, truffles, wine, brandies, etc. Seize the moment, and while in Pula visit the House of Istrian Olive Oil.



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