Private helicopter tour and transfer

Explore the charms of Istria as a VIP guest with a fascinating view from air.

You will see the mountains, green Istria and its vineyards, olive groves, the Brijuni Islands and the beautiful blue sea surrounding it. You can change the itinerary and head to the Dalmatian coast with more than 1000 islands and islets; we are at your disposal.

If you want to visit a winery, have a dinner that isn’t exactly in your neighbourhood or simply avoid traffic hustle, a helicopter is the best idea to arrive at the desired destination in the shortest time. Shall we?

Private helicopter tour and transfer
Private helicopter tour and transfer
Private helicopter tour and transfer
"Tours Istria" is a brand operating under the tourist agency '' Istriana Travel'' which is situated in the very heart of the northern Istria- in a townlet Vrh, near Buzet. From Vrh one can have a grandstand view of Ćićarija slopes and Buzet (the city of truffles) in the north, river Mirna and Motovun forest in the west, lake Butoniga in the south and the highest mountain Učka in the east.
Adress: Vrh 46/3, 52420 Buzet, Croatia
"ISTRIANA TRAVEL" turistička agencija, obrt za turističke djelatnosti, Vl. Zdenka Majcan, Vrh 46/3, 52420 Buzet
Zdenka Majcan - voditeljica poslova i vlasnica obrta za turističke djelatnosti
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