Hiking Trail - The Magic of Seven Waterfalls

Forget the stressful everyday life and immerse into the greenery of the woods. Surrounded by the twitter of birds and the whirring water, you will experience true relaxation and peace.

Revel in the seven waterfalls trail that will take you from Buzet along the longest Istrian River Mirna to the Kotli village, once very rich and famous for the watermills. We pass by a few more abandoned smaller villages overgrown in ivy, and then we come the other way of Mirna back to the starting point.

For those looking for a bit of adrenaline, at the beginning of the trail is also a shorter climb to the hill above the canyon with the help of cords and tin-stairs. You will reach the renowned Buzet climbing site on the rock.

On your way you will see seven waterfalls (with or without water, in dry or rainy season, they are still beautiful), abandoned small mines, ravines where you can swim if it is very warm and a lake. Our mountain guide is here the whole time both to guide you and to tell you everything there is to know about our piece of heaven.

The trail is medium heavy, 13.5 km long, goes through the woods, along and across the river. The whole walk takes approximately 5 hours.

Hiking Trail - The Magic of Seven Waterfalls
Hiking Trail - The Magic of Seven Waterfalls
Hiking Trail - The Magic of Seven Waterfalls
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