Fresco painting

The magnificent wall paintings or frescoes that are a rich inheritance of almost every Istrian church, are a good reason to intrigue you to try to create such a similar work. You do not have to know anything about it because we are here to tell you...

A traditionally dressed tourist guide welcomes you to Roč and introduces you to the story of Roč in the Middle
Ages, to the Glagolitic Script and fresco painting. A short visit to the church of St.
Rocco and St. Anthony with valuable frescoes and finally arrived at the art studio where an artist dressed in a medieval costume will welcome you. After a local drink and presenting the fresco painting technique, you will have a unique opportunity to create a fresco with your hands. The atmosphere in the studio is relaxed, you can hear Renaissance music in the background and enjoy the fragrant candles. With the help of an expert and without any foreknowledge, one can make an original souvenir and take it home as an excellent memory of Roč and Istria.

Duration: approx. 2,5 hours


Min 1-5 persons: 656 kn / 87 € per person
6-10 persons: 565 kn / 75 € per person

11.25 persons: 475,00 kn / 63 € per person


Short presentation of frescopainting of approx. 30-40 min: 100 € per group.


Exchange rate: 7,53450

Included in the price: welcome drink, tour guide, and materials for painting.

Fresco painting
Fresco painting
Fresco painting
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