Five Ćićarija Springs - cycling route

Ćićarija is a large mountain region covered by pastures and forests, and is located north of the town of Buzet. This place was once known for wood export to Venice for production of oars. People here mainly dealt with sheep and mining. Because of...


Transfer of you and your bikes to the starting point in the village of Černehi of Ćićarija is included in the price. After the welcome drink we are ready for a stunning ride through the Ćićarija’s pearls: sources of clean and fresh water. That is right, they are pure and untouched water sources that we will find in every village. You will be able to fill your bottles and drink fearlessly because this water is just what it should be - clear, refreshing and full of good energy and vibration. Our bike guide will take you from the Černehi village, over Brest to Prapoće, Podgaće, Lanišće, Račja Vas, Trstenik, Klenovšćak and back to Černehi. The trail is 25 km long and most of it is asphalt with the approximately last 3 km of macadam. With the planned breaks the whole drive can be done in about 4 hours. Are you ready?

Five Ćićarija Springs - cycling route
Five Ćićarija Springs - cycling route
Five Ćićarija Springs - cycling route
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