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Istria's Warmest Dobrodošli

Going with the flow once you arrive on the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea can certainly be fun and relaxing. But why take only a glance and leave the land of the Histri mysterious without digging deeper into its hidden treasures? Looking past the awarded blue seas, the blessed Croatian lands are home to the ''city of truffles'', the breathing nature at Ćićarija, the medieval Motovun, the divine Malavasia wine, the ''smallest city in the world'' or the fresco-rich Roč. Ready to unveil more secrets and go past amateur findings or the compulsory interaction with the locals? Start with an authorized connoisseur of Istria who will enhance your perspective on this new country, create unforgettable memories and tailor your trip to an experience way beyond a normal visit.

Traits of  Pro Hosting

Before booking your Istria private tour guide, you may wonder why this type of guide can be of valuable assistance while you are on your vacation? Most people who offer these kind of services are not only locals of the great Croatian sites but also possess a professional license which certifies them in the field of tourism. You can easily look at them as the ''Istrian pro hosts'' who have the necessary experience to inform, recommend and introduce the very best when there is so much to pick from. Reliable and well organized, a private tour guide will always turn the newly arrived guests into his/her top priority. If you feared that wandering around you will have problems due to the language barrier, stop worrying any longer and leave the dictionaries behind because your guide can come to your rescue approaching others for you.

Responsive to Personal Wishes

One of the best things about hiring a private tour guide is that you can benefit from flexibility in adapting Istria to your personal preferences. This service was created to be both informative and interactive. Following this principle, there is the option of choosing from a sample itinerary or focus on developing a customized one including sites, activities, even elements of ordinary life. Most guests like to adjust their schedule according to the time they spend on the Adriatic peninsula, according to the seasonal highlights, leaving behind what they consider unnecessary. The oddest requests can be fulfilled just by communicating them to your guide! This way, during your vacation on the former Roman territory, you will enjoy at the same time getting a clear insight on the present Croatian wonder.

More than that, a private tour guide can prove to be extremely helpful arranging more than the next stop on the itinerary. By contacting the guide in advance, he/she can even pick you up from the airport, book events, arrange accommodation, or transport if you care to visit further and beyond. Even if your trip aims for leisure more than anything else, the suggestions obtained can prove to be precious. Recommendations are always welcome no matter if they refer to what museum focuses on modern art, what island is closer to the place you are living at or even what to pick from the diverse menu.

Istria in a Nutshell

On the peninsula where the intense purity of wine contrasts the bright yellow of the delicious polenta, the legends of mighty giants still animate the ancient sites. Crossing the line to reality, some tours underline old Istria going sightseeing from town to town, stopping at monuments designated UNESCO Heritage Site like the Eufrasius' Basilica in Poreč. The beautiful landscape can be perceived in different ways while pedaling across vineyards on the legendary Parenzana track or taking an off road tour across the fresh hills and colorful meadows. For the ones interested in romanticism, the private guides will probably point out the narrow streets of cities like Pula, Motovun or Groznjan paved with magical events where performing arts come alive. After inspiring events, you can challenge your own creativity painting yourself an original souvenir in a workshop offered in the fresco beautified town Roč. On more than 40 Blue Flagged beaches you can spoil your hunger for the sun or ride the waves; you just have to know what to try where. The lifestyle, customs of the biggest seaport Rijeka or the capital city Zagreb work like magnets on the ones curious about the urban flair and are eager to explore more of the Republika Hrvatska. With inspired remarks, an own perspective and personal memories your private tour guide can make the new even more comfortable, exciting, surpassing all your expectations.

Traveling to beautiful Istria will definitely be a great experience! Booking a private tour guide will turn the trip where you are discovering step by step into one where you will not miss or overlook anything. Think about it, it can only be great since you are the main focus! Your ''local friend'' will adapt tours as well as activities to your interests and welcome you warmly to the gorgeous Croatian peninsula.